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With hundreds of strains & products to choose from, we can understand the difficulty in narrowing it down. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular offerings below. To simplify things further, our top options have been split up into the following categories: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, Vape, Edible, Concentrates, and Pre-Rolls!




Gorilla Glue 1g

Gorilla Glue delivers an uplifting, yet calming array of effects. Users will notice this strain is great for either night or day use. Overall, the flavor profile is sweet, herbaceous and slightly woody. THC: 71%



Buddies Pax Pod
Chocolate Kush 0.5g

Great for a relaxing sesh at the end of the day, this strain provides mellow cerebral effects and sedating physical effects.  The flavor profile is creamy and earthy with herbaceous undertones. THC: 68%



Buddies Pax Pod
TV OG 0.5g

This potent OG phenotype has a stupefying and sedating array of effects that induce deep relaxation. Overall, this strain presents a fuel-like, woody and herbaceous flavor profile. THC: 85%




Team Elite
J1 1/8th

This award-winning strain delivers exceptional flavor and effects. Overall, users will notice a sweet, tart citrus flavor and blissful upbeat effects. THC: 24%



Mohave Reserve
Chem Dawg 1/8TH

This strain has a funky, earthy and sour flavor and delivers great mood boosting effects and a calm yet blissful cerebral state.  THC: 29%


Pure Beauty
Blue Mirage 1/8TH

This strain will have users feeling calm, blissful and uplifted. It is a potent mood booster and boasts a pleasant floral and fruity aroma.  THC: 20%

Top Hybrid



Fresh Baked
O. Cooke Dough 1/8th

Orange Cookie Dough is a delightful strain, bursting with sweet cookie flavors and fresh citrus. This is great for daytime use and to help treat symptoms while keeping the user feeling relaxed.  THC: 26%



Northern Emeralds
Ice Cream Sundae 1/8TH

This is a sweet treat, it delivers tasting notes of creamy, earthy nuttiness accented by a sweet herbaceous quality. Overall, users will notice the effects are blissful and deeply relaxing. THC: 26%



B. Cherry Soda 1/8TH

Black Cherry Soda, bred by TGA Genetics, has a fruity and herbaceous flavor profile. The overall effects are deeply relaxing, euphoric and sociable. This is a great strain to use during the day or night.  THC: 21%

Top Indica



Alfredo 1/8th

Excellent for treating pain and insomnia, this strain has proper relaxing and alleviating effects. This strain is the perfect collaboration between Passiflora and rapper Freddie Gibbs.  THC: 25%



Garlotti 1/8TH

Garlotti is a deeply relaxing strain that is great to use to unwind after a stressful day. The flavor profile is made up of funky, earthy and woody notes with herbaceous undertones.  THC: 20%



Frosted grapes 1/8th

This strain presents users with an aroma of fruity, floral and slightly sour notes that are rounded out by earthy and herbaceous undertones. Overall, the effects are deeply relaxing and euphoric. THC: 21%

Top COncentrate


Kings Garden
W. Gushers 1g

With a relaxing array of effects, this strain will have users feeling blissful but ready to kick back and unwind. Wedding Gushers has a fruity, earthy and herbaceous flavor profile. THC: 73%


710 Labs

New York Sour Diesel has an unmistakable sour earthy and funky fuel-like flavor profile. Overall, the effects are uplifting, upbeat, and sociable with an enjoyable body buzz.,  THC: 80%


Jet Fuel OG 0.5g

Jet Fuel OG starts off with a potent head high that comes crashing down into a heavy physical effect that radiates into the limbs with a heavy and relaxing feeling. THC: 71%




Indica Protabs 220mg

Protabs are a reliable sugar-free edible option that provides potent sedating and relaxing effects. For best results dissolve tablet under the tongue.



Fruit Slabs
OG MAngo 100mg

These deliciously tropical infused fruit leathers are an effective and healthier option for edibles. These have become a favorite among staff and customers alike.



Buzz Honey Shot 10mg

This honey shot provides users with mood boosting, upbeat effects. This is a great addition to infuse your favorite cup of tea, oatmeal or fruit bowl.




Kiva Camino
Freshly Squeezed 200mg

These 9:1 CBD:THC infused gummies have a sweet citrus flavor and provide users with uplifting cerebral effects and moderate relaxing physical effects.



Kwik CBD 100mg

Kwik CBD is nano-emulsified, allowing for a faster onset and longer effect. It’s also still effective as a mix-in for your favorite beverage.



Trident 1g

This hybrid strain is known for its high CBD content. Due to this, try this strain for pain management and physical relaxation. 

top Pre-Rolls

Clsics.Rosin.Infused.4packPrerolls.04.15.2020 (1)


Rosin Preroll 4pack

These prerolls are infused with high-quality rosin pressed from cured flower. The overall flavor profile is sweet, fruity and floral. Users will notice lasting uplifting sociable effects making these great to share!



Jeeter Infused
Fire OG 2.5g

Fire OG is a relaxing variation of the popular OG Kush strain. It presents a woody flavor profile and delivers deeply euphoric and relaxing effects that are ideal for unwinding after a stressful week.


Good Flower
Peach Ozz 1g

Peach Ozz gives the user an incredible lifted euphoria, along with mental energy and creative energy, it can also help with body aches and pains. It has a delectable sweet and sour citrus flavor.

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