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With hundreds of strains & products to choose from, we can understand the difficulty in narrowing it down. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular offerings below. To simplify things further, our top options have been split up into the following categories: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, Vape, Edible, Concentrates, and Pre-Rolls!




Cherry Punch 0.5g

Cherry Punch delivers calming and euphoric effects that are great to unwind and vibe out with. The flavor profile consists mostly of fruity, berry, woody, and fuel-like diesel flavor notes.  THC: 74%



Platinum Vape
Cookie Wreck 1g

Cookie Wreck is a hybrid strain that gives users uplifting, motivating, and euphoric effects. Overall, the flavor profile is sweet, doughy, and herbaceous with underlying citrus notes. THC: 91%



Create 0.5g

Create by DRIVN allows you to think outside the box. The sweet aroma of Pinene crossed with the woodsy touch of Ocimene keeps your mind focused on the task at hand. THC: 84%




Terraform Genetics
Blucifer OG 1/8th

This cultivar presents a pleasantly fruity, berry, citrus-forward, and herbaceous flavor profile. It delivers an array of blissful and uplifting cerebral effects coupled with a motivating body buzz. THC: 19%



Permanent Holiday
Citrus Heights 1/8TH

This strain offers an energizing, uplifting feeling with a euphoric cerebral buzz. This is perfect for a daytime hike, all day beach adventure or weekend trip with your closest friends. THC: 20%


Old Pal
Sativa 1/8TH

Old Pal’s Sativa blend will have users feeling uplifted and upbeat throughout the day. Take this with you on a day hike and smoke a little something on the trail to get your vibe right. THC: 21%

Top Hybrid



Apple Pie 1/8th

Apple Pie has a sweet and doughy flavor profile that is reminiscent of pie crust! The overall effects are cerebrally stimulating, euphoric, sociable, and calming. This is great any time of day. THC: 25%



Claybourne Co.
Head Banger 4.5g

Headbanger’s taste is sour, fuel-like, and citrus-forward. Each Power Pack contains a 1/8th of small buds, a 1g jar of kief, and a kief shovel – all in one convenient rolling pouch.  THC: 23%



Pacific Stone
805 Glue 1/8th

805 Glue gives an exceptionally uplifting euphoria along with a soothing relaxation that is perfect for any occasion. It has a citrus-heavy aroma and flavor with pine and diesel. THC: 20%

Top Indica



The Cure Co.
XXX OG 1/8th

This cultivar is a potent one that will leave users feeling relaxed and carefree. It has an earthy, funky, woody, and fuel-like diesel aroma. Users will note this is a great option to use at night. THC: 25% 



Josh D Farms
ORyan OG 1/8TH

This strain will force you to relax and unwind after a long day, inducing a blissful and relaxing overall effect. This pungent flower will fill the air with the tell-tale diesel dank. THC: 19%



Nickel & Dime
Rollex OG 1/8th

This is a potent cultivar with a pungent aroma. The overall effects tend to be euphoric, calming, and deeply sedating which makes it an ideal option for a different kind of nightcap. THC: 18%

Top COncentrate


Cherry Cake 1g

This Cherry Cake hash rosin is exceptional. The flavor profile is made up of fruity, berry, herbaceous and fuel-like diesel notes. The effects are euphoric and provide a calming physical buzz. THC: 71%


Field Extracts
Fuelato 1g

Field Extracts has teamed up with Connected Cannabis Co. for this one. Fuelato provides users with relaxing and alleviating physical effects. The flavor profile is woody and fuel-like.  THC: 66%


Mountain Walker 1g

Mountain Walker is a wonderfully relaxing cultivar from Cannabiotix. The effects tend to lean on the sociable, calming, and relaxing side. The flavor profile is woody, earthy, and herbaceous. THC: 68%



Hybrid Protabs 250mg

These ‘tablinguals’ are tablets that dissolve under your tongue. Level Protabs are some of our favorite edibles because they are discreet but deliver potent and consistent enjoyable effects.



D. Chocolate 100mg

Waska infused hemp milk is a great way to consume your cannabis. The delicious dark chocolate flavor is a perfect complement to the hemp milk. The effects are calming and deeply euphoric.



Lemon Lav. 6mg

The Lemon Lavender social tonic is an amazing substitute for a drink. The social buzz is enjoyable and functional. Share some of these with your friends to enjoy a different kind of buzz.




1:1 Relief Tabs 1000mg

These 1:1 Relief Tablets are great for those who are looking for consistently dosed, reliably relaxing edibles without the sugar or artificial flavors.



Pure Beauty
Terry T 1/8th

This strain will have users feeling great and not leave them inundated with overwhelming effects. Overall, users will notice calming and carefree effects.


Manzanita.KwikCBD.07.12.2020 (2)

Kwik CBD 100mg

Need your daily dose of CBD? Try this Kwik CBD shot from Manzanita. Enjoy the relaxing buzz and the overall feeling of wellbeing.

top Pre-Rolls


Clsics.Rosin.Infused.4packPrerolls.04.15.2020 (1)

CB X GM 4pack

Each rosin-infused preroll is a great option to save for yourself and unwind after a long day or share with your friends to kick off a social gathering.



Monster Cookies 5pack

Monster Cookies is a calming and relaxing strain that has a sweet, herbaceous, and doughy flavor profile. These are great to share with friends at a bonfire.


Good Flower
GMO 1g

This cultivar provides users with a potent blend of relaxing and stupefying effects. The flavor profile is pungent, herbaceous and funky.

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