Community, Quality, Education

At Mankind, we understand that new cannabis users can become overwhelmed with so many ways to consume and the ever-changing cannabis industry. That is why we value expert knowledge and have cannabis consultants to help you at every turn.

We are dedicated to providing our clientele with quality products, valuable education, and a truly unique shopping experience.

Starting from humble roots, The Kind Team has grown and developed with the industry, while always keeping what is most important at the forefront- our Kind Community. We value transparency and the full experience of cannabis- from growing, to testing, to point of purchase, and consumption itself.

Our educated team is there when you need us and dedicated to treating you like family and putting a smile on your face. In honor of transparency, our products are never locked away. We keep our shelves stocked so you are able to see, smell, and hold the premium cannabis California has to offer, all before you purchase.

Whether you are looking for a genuine learning opportunity, trusted top quality and exclusive products, or a unique and transparent shopping experience, Mankind has you covered!


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