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To help you stay safer, and make things easier, all online orders are now picked-up curbside.

hours: 7am - 9pm

Located at 7128 Miramar Rd in San Diego, Mankind Dispensary offers the best selection in San Diego

Hours: 9am-7pm

Get your favorite cannabis products delivered right to your door. Like the Amazon of the marijuana world.


Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Mankind offers a wide array of flower across strains to meet your needs.


Safe, reliable, and flavorful. Our selection of carts is the best in San Diego.


A classic way to consume we offer a large selection of top quality products.


For the true connoisseur. Smooth and flavorful our extracts are carefully cultivated.


Tinctures offer a wonderful alternative. Faster acting than normal edibles with all the effects.


Whether gummy form, chocolate, cookies or drinks our selection of edibles will please your palette.


Simple straightforward relief for those not wanting the full effects of other products.


Learn to love the process of the grow by trying it out yourself. Enjoy the beauty behind the plant.


Batteries, grinders, shirts and other items to help you enjoy your experience.


Non-psychoactive, topical products to help you find relief for the day to day aches and pains.

High Potency

Looking for products with a little extra something? Check out our high potency menu.

Featured Products

Tyson Ranch
The Toad 1/8th

The overwhelming, hard-hitting favorite is back! Pleasingly potent, this cultivar is similar to GMO in that it presents a funky, herbaceous, and earth flavor profile while inducing deeply relaxing, euphoric, and somewhat stupefying effects. Users will notice this packs-a-punch and is potentially best reserved for nighttime use. This signature strain from Tyson Ranch is one of our favorites!

Justice Joints
Jack Herer 1g

Justice Joints, powered by Canndescent Farms, is a project and a pledge. 100% of profits go to helping free prisoners who are still incarcerated for offenses related to cannabis through social equity causes. They're working with the Last Prisoner Project in hopes of freeing countless individuals from wrongful incarceration. Justice Joints are aimed at helping countless individuals.

Kushy Punch
Hybrid 100mg

Kushy Punch is definitely one of the most popular and consistent edibles on the market. The easy-to-store and consistently dosed design make it a convenient travel partner. The effects induce a cerebral bliss and mood boost that couples with a functional physical relaxation. If you haven't already, try a Kushy Punch for yourself and find out what makes them so popular!

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