Empowering Women, Always: Vera Levitt

Empowering Women, Always: Vera Levitt

Vera Levitt is the Chief Operating Officer at Mankind Dispensary. She is highly regarded in the cannabis industry and has become a huge pillar of change for the people around her, evoking an environment that is not only inclusive, but effective and malleable. She maintains an immense dedication to helping others, while offering her time and energy in ways unyielding.

She empowers the women around her to explore the boundaries we’ve been inherently accustomed to by setting an example of how to graciously navigate around them.

I have had the pleasure of working with Vera for the past two years. Vera is someone I admire for her uninterrupted spirit and her vigor to always gain insight with an unlimited perspective.

She is also someone that is powerful, yet gentle, and helps the people around her feel seen, heard, and understood. She is always willing to rock the boat for the truth and what is right. She has inspired me to invest in personal growth which is why I was so happy to sit down and ask her a few questions in honor of Women’s History Month.

What has led you to the cannabis industry?


Very simple. I needed a job. I left an almost 20 year marriage, was a stay-at-home mom, and needed to go from zero income to not-zero income. So in a matter of about two weeks, I landed four different freelance jobs. One of those freelance jobs was getting familiar with the new compliance regulations for what would be the very first recreational cannabis sales in California for Mankind, which, at the time, was a medical marijuana dispensary. Then, the C.E.O. James [Schmachtenberger] asked that I work on familiarizing and getting us in compliance for January 1, opening day of recreational sales, as well as, getting us through the licensing process, which wasn’t yet complete.

I managed the licensing process in about three weeks and got us compliant by January 1, for all of the new regulations. [At the time] I was working with someone on FDA clinical trial compliance, as one of my freelance jobs, so I was familiar with compliance and what it entails and I had some background in the medical industry.

When I was a stay-at-home parent, I did a lot of work in birth and new mother support, specifically lactation and healing from that. I had a lot of hospital time under my belt, therefore working around compliance and regulations was not challenging and it seemed like a natural move into cannabis.

What hurdles do you think women might face, within and outside, of the industry to become successful professionals?

Well, this industry has a long, cultural history. Specifically, the culture of the industry is very strong, and women have historically been excluded from that. It’s interesting because this industry has more women in leadership and executive positions than most other industries.

So, even though the industry, as a whole, might have a misogynist history, women have found a path to leadership that, I think, because it’s still an emerging industry, has fast-tracked the ability for women to get to more leadership positions. I know, for me, coming from 10 years of not being in the workforce, I found myself quite surprised, [at] the speed at which I found myself able to pursue leadership the way that I did.

And, I did it the way most women do it, which is by proving myself. I started something that was much, much smaller than what I made it into. I think a lot of women do the same in every industry, but because this industry is still emerging, there is more opportunity to grow quickly…if you’re ambitious, if you’re driven, if you have the skills to be successful with new endeavours. It requires a tremendous learning curve, for me, but I don’t know if that is true for other women.

In every industry, not just cannabis, I think that the way women approach the world is different than men typically approach the world. That’s a binary explanation, but, 90% of the world lives in the binary so that is what most people will experience. Men have been traditionally at the helm of business, and I think the way women operate is very different.

It’s certainly my experience on every level of working within this company and in this industry, that women are incredibly supportive; we don’t play things so close to the chest, and I think that is because women are conditioned to be more cooperative. There are anthropologists that will study the cooperative nature of women to get to common goals, and I think that’s inherently a benefit to every company.

In what ways does Mankind empower women to grow within the cannabis industry?

The great thing about Mankind is that the leadership, ownership, and founders, want this company to be set apart. We don’t just want to be a leader in the industry, we want to be revolutionary.

What I’ve noticed, it is a challenge in this industry, and all industries, but it is also a challenge for men. That is because women operate differently, because our ownership and leadership has strived to create a very diverse workforce here and our dynamic is different than most companies. It’s so different here.

In one of the ways it’s different, is where I have worked hard to make sure there is room to be a woman here. Wholly a woman. That is a passion of mine, if you want to talk about what I’m passionate about? That’s it. And when I say, wholly a woman, I don’t mean the BS mantra of women in the media, that women are shrill, or emotional-I mean appreciating and valuing the way a woman comes to the table and the way she operates.

Sometimes that comes with more emotion, but it also tends to come with a lot of passion. With that passion comes a drive, that is unequaled. So when women are allowed to operate, just as they are, those gifts come to the forefront.

When I say I’m passionate about leadership, what I really mean is I’m passionate about people. I love to ignite, or what I call permission giving-or others may call inspiration. Sometimes we just need to see somebody else doing, someone else taking the lead, someone else being courageous. It’s not that I’m not afraid, I just handle fear differently than other people. When I am in fear, I walk into it. That’s the only way I know to come out the other side triumphant. And that is what comes off as confidence to people, just being willing to take that risk. 100% of the time it has worked out because I’m still here and it hasn’t killed me yet!

Who has inspired you?

It’s a population of people. It’s not one. There have been some pretty incredible women that have inspired me in a number of ways.

First, I will say, my own parents have instilled in me, a few values that have proven to be really important in my success. The first is, “the worst they could say is no.” It’s a good value. It helps with fearlessness. The other is, “you’re unstoppable with information and learning…everything you want is possible, if you are willing to learn.” It’s just a value they both have, who came from very different upbringings, and I’ve seen it happen.

They also taught me to treat my employees well. I watch my parents who run their own businesses, my whole life, really go above and beyond for their employees. So that came from them.

I think the piece around being the kind of woman who walks through the world, confident in who she is, comes from four different women.

One of them was my father’s best friend’s mom. Her name was Eleanore. I didn’t know her well but she had so much poise and was so passionate about what she believed in, and was very successful in her life…and she raised incredible children. Her children were so incredibly successful. All three of them. And I have always admired her still having her own sense of identity.

One of her children is another one of the women that have inspired me. Her daughter Karen. She was an incredible dancer, a doctor, a mother, a Judaism scholar-just ambitious, successful, and driven.

There was another woman named Karen, who was the Mother Earth, Jewish hippie mom. I was just always inspired by the way she was so kind. I really tried to incorporate that in my life.

And, the other one is, my best friend’s mom growing up, she owned numerous Montessori schools and was incredibly wealthy but you would never know it. She built something and believed so deeply in it and it grew and grew and grew-and she never wavered from who she was. All four of these women are deeply aligned with who they are. And they didn’t waver.

Now, I think the women who inspire me most are other mothers, as I see what they do. I see the smart, incredibly capable, intelligent group of women that raised our children. Those deep, deep friendships and how they see me, how they hold me accountable, how they lift me up, how they support me, that’s what inspires me. My best friend, her name is Kate. She has a very different personality than me, a very different parenting style than me, but she is my BS caller. She’s driven, incredibly successful, and so different; and I gain a lot of inspiration by valuing our differences.

What is the best advice given to you and what is your advice you might want to share with other women inspired by you?

I have experienced, in this industry, advice around “do it the way a man would do it.” Multiple times. When I first started I was deeply looking for a mentor, desperately looking for a mentor, I felt in over my head and overwhelmed; and, one of the first pieces of advice I got from someone I was hoping would be a mentor, is, “A man would never wait that long. A man would never believe that they weren’t good enough. This is a man’s world, learn how to play with the big boys.”

And, that is very common advice for women in corporate America, but I don’t believe the man’s world is the “right” world. And, I don’t believe the boy’s game is the “right” game. I think by corporate America not valuing what women traditionally bring to the table, as women, they are missing some of the biggest gifts our culture has to offer [our population has to offer].

I do not want to come to the table like a man. I wanted to come to the table like myself. I very much identify as being a woman, so, I honored that, and it may have taken me longer to get there, but, I started in December 2016 and by June of 2017, I was the C.O.O. of this company. So I think doing it my way, worked out pretty well.

I think there is a lot of value to the way women approach things, that hasn’t been honored, and I think this industry offers an opportunity because of how many women are in leadership roles, to be really set apart in corporate America. I think corporate American can learn from what it looks like when women are at the helm of more companies and in leadership roles; and what that looks like and feels like every day.

My advice to all women is to deeply honor all of the parts of who you are… I mean the ambitious part, the driven part, the scared part, the vibrant and vivacious part of you, the nervous or naive, the mother-nurturing, which is really personal to me, as well. That kind of integration of a woman is what is necessary and what is missing from most of corporate America. When all of that is in alignment is when a woman becomes an unstoppable, positive force of change or result.

Interview by: Renee Smaldino

San Diego’s Best Marijuana Dispensary: Mankind Cannabis

Obviously, being a San Diego dispensary, we’re going to be a little biased about who’s the best, but there are a lot of really good reasons why we rate ourselves highest when we review the local dispensary options. You’ve got a lot of choices in this area, since medicinal cannabis use has been popular and locally supported for years, even before recreational cannabis came to be in the state of California. That means the local scene is active, competition is tight, and the products featured here are often imitated by brands in other locations. In that active scene, Mankind Cannabis still stands out for a lot of reasons, and once you see what they are, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree with our assessment.

Boutique Shopping for the Connoisseur

In any field, one of the hallmarks of a luxurious shopping experience is the ability to examine the product. Our sensory relationships to the things we enjoy are a big part of the process of figuring out whether we like the thing or not, and for those who are deeply in touch with the varieties of flavor and experience cannabis offers, this is just as true as it is for fans of microbrewing, fine coffees, or wine. Like those other experiences, our San Diego marijuana dispensary is built to put you in touch, smell, and sight of the product. A lot of places lock the stock up and cite security reasons, but a well-rounded approach to customer support and risk management offers a more welcoming environment for everyone, allowing you to get a real feel for the different choices available.

  • Edibles
  • Concentrate
  • Flower
  • Vaping products
  • Topical treatments
  • Unique offerings

In addition to the comfortable atmosphere and sense-indulging product presentation, the stock offered at the Mankind cannabis dispensary in San Diego features some of the newest and most unique offerings in the marketplace along with some of the highest-quality brands to define the standard for cannabis products in California. Among them are chocolate offerings from Kiva Confections, the brand that defined the luxury cannabis edible marketplace by offering the first cannabis chocolates in the state crafted by expert chocolatiers. That combination of new and known quantities makes the shopping experience easy, and the staff’s commitment to customer education helps with both short and long-term customer satisfaction.

Medicinal and Recreational Edibles at Mankind

In addition to the new and classic offerings from top brands like Kiva, the wide selection of edibles offered at our San Diego dispensary provide a few common threads that make controlling your dosage easy, so you can get the exact experience needed.

  • Gummies and edible bars in segmented doses as small as 5mg for micro-dosing
  • Branded recommendations for rejuvenation, meditation, fitness, or relaxation
  • Top fruit, candy, and chocolate flavors from the area’s hottest manufacturers, and baked goods too!

Whether you are looking for a snack that packs a satisfying dose of medicine like the caramel corn from Heavenly Sweet or a purely original treat like the popular honey sticks available from a variety of brands, there’s something for everyone.

Concentrates From Top Brands

Concentrates are in demand for a lot of reasons. Chronic pain patients and other medicinal users love them for their targeted relief that can last for hours or even days when used judiciously, and they pack a potent experience for recreational users as well. If you are new to concentrates, it’s worth learning about their various properties. Wax, shatter, and live resin each have different uses, and the best ways to work with them change depending on your goals. For the aspiring cannabis chef, the right concentrate is the key to infusions that bring both flavor and effective medicine to your home confections. Mankind staff are there to help you figure out the right combination of base strain, extract type, and brand for your needs, so it’s easy to figure out how to change your approach if you are trying a few different uses for your concentrates.

Flower Selection and Competitive Pricing

Even with all the innovation in the marketplace, cannabis flower remains ever-popular with medicinal patients and recreational marijuana fans alike. At the Mankind San Diego marijuana dispensary, you’ll find a variety of strains that rotates with the crop schedule of the area’s major suppliers, providing a rotating selection that always has a little something for every taste. You’ll want to check the top choices available today to find out what awaits you in the store. You can even place an order online now and residents nearby can even get delivery, so you don’t have to worry about whether it’s going to sell out before you get there.

Vape Solutions and Other Unique Offerings

No roundup of the services and selection at this cannabis dispensary in San Diego would be complete without talking about the wide assortment of vaporizer cartridges available from respected, state regulated brands. You’ll find new flavors and classics like watermelon and blueberry from a variety of providers, and medicinal patients will also find a wide range of CBD selections. That’s in addition to revolutionary products like topical treatments and other unique approaches to THC and CBD delivery. You’ll have to come in to see for yourself, and we’re pretty sure that once you get here, you’ll agree with us about who is the best.

How & When to Use Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are medications usually dissolved in alcohol. Many cannabis users imbibe via tinctures because they’re easy to take and dose. Plus, users don’t have to worry about the smell, and they receive the benefits of cannabis without having to smoke. Tinctures are often used to help with conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, nausea and low appetite, among other issues. Keep reading for a deeper look into how to use cannabis tinctures.

Ease of Use

A cannabis tincture comes in a small bottle with an eyedropper tool. It’s incredibly easy to use. Many people dose with 1 milliliter at a time, putting the dose under their tongue for 15 to 20 seconds. Your dosage amount may vary depending on your weight and the severity of your pain/condition. The under-the-tongue method allows your bloodstream to directly absorb cannabinoids, and the tincture has a nearly immediate effect on your body. To maximize the effects, wait at least 15 minutes to eat or drink anything.

Over time, the alcohol in the tincture can lead to irritation on some users’ tongues. If you do not like the taste of alcohol, try diluting the tincture of cannabis in a small amount of water or juice. Fortunately, the possible irritation and potentially unpleasant taste are the only downsides to cannabis tinctures.

Other people prefer to add their tinctures to meals or snacks via sauces, soups, salad dressings or sherbets. Similarly, you can add one or two droppers’ worth of tincture to a glass of water. That turns the water into tea. These methods are not as instantaneous as the under-the-tongue approach, but they work. The time frame with edible tinctures is akin to that of regular edibles. The effects take longer to kick in, but they can last for hours.

The bottom line is that of choice. If you need instant relief, dose under your tongue. If you prefer for the effects to last a while and do not need immediate relief, take your dose with food or liquid.

Smell Contamination

Whether you take your dose under your tongue or add it to soup, there’s no smell like there is with smoking and vaping. Cannabis tinctures are incredibly discreet. No one should suspect you are using cannabis.

Ease of Dosing

Cannabis tinctures allow you to establish your minimum effective dose. That’s the least amount of tincture you need to help with your pain or condition. You are able to test with one drop at a time, something that is not possible with baked goods and concentrates. By using each drop to maximum effectiveness, you save money and heighten potency. This drop-by-drop dosing also keeps your cannabis tolerance low.

As touched on above, an average person with mild pain may prefer to dose with 1 milliliter at a time. However, new users should take it easy and start with half an eyedropper full for three days. This lets them evaluate how their body reacts. If discomfort occurs, they may want to lower the dosage for the next three days. On the other hand, if users feel no effect whatsoever, they should increase the amount they take.

New users should also wait at least an hour (60 minutes) between doses. Otherwise, they risk an aggregate effect that interferes with determining the minimum effective dose.

Before your first dose, try a tiny drop under your tongue to see how the alcohol tastes. If it’s seriously disagreeable, consider dilution.

Good Substitute to Smoking

Smoking or vaping cannabis can worsen certain health conditions such as asthma. Plus, substances such as tar are often present in smoked cannabis and can increase the risk of lung cancer. Tinctures have these advantages over smoking:

  • Discretion: You can take a dose of tincture at the dinner table, whereas you cannot smoke at the table without everyone knowing.
  • Healthier for Others around You: There is no risk of secondhand smoke.
  • Healthier for You: Your throat and lungs won’t get irritated.
  • Dosage: You’re able to figure out your minimum effective dose.

If you vape, it may take hours to recharge a vape. Plus, vaping can get expensive.

If you are weight-conscious, tinctures have a clear advantage over edibles. You consume fewer calories than you would if eating cookies, candy or baked goods (unless you end up putting the cannabis dose in a soup or sauce you might not have consumed otherwise). The alcohol is about 7 calories per milliliter (an average dose), while a cookie may have as much as 200 calories.

We make it easy to search for tinctures by categories such as pain and anxiety, lucidity, blues away, and vitality. There are also inner glow tinctures to help with the signs of aging. Tinctures mean flexible, accurate and discreet dosing.

Mankind buyers guide to the ultimate Danksgiving Gathering

Thanksgiving, the holiday enjoyed by stoners nation-wide. While some give thanks to things like health and wealth, I like to give thanks to how many different ways I can get the munchies to prep for the big feast!  Who ever thought eating THC-infused food would make you want to eat more food? If edibles aren’t your forte then smoking is always a great option! Rolling joints or taking rips from the bong are great ways to smoke but if you ask me Thanksgiving calls for vaporizing concentrates until all you can concentrate on is mashed potatoes and gravy! Any way you choose to get high, Mankind has your back for everything you need to make this Thanksgiving a Danksgiving!

Edibles – The Tasty Way To Fly

Since Thanksgiving is all about eating let’s start off by talking about edibles. Some people like to get up early and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  If that’s you, why not pair your early morning with a tea? Specifically a Positivi-Tea from Kikoko! This caffeinated tea bag contains 10mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD which is sure to get your morning started on a high note! If 10mg of THC just isn’t enough for you, feel free to pair the tea with our THC infused Honey from Honey Pot.

This 4oz container of 100mg THC infused honey will leave you with plenty of honey to turn any tea into a THC infused one! As turkey day goes on you’re going to want something with a little more strength to it. Now there’s two ways you can go with this… you can take a shot of 100mg of THC with Kwik Ease and really get the day going! Or you can play it cool and microdose yourself into a cozy couch lock until dinner is served. There are plenty of edibles that offer the option to microdose! One of the favorites around Mankind are the Kushy Punches. They are available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid and they are amazing tiny little gummy squares of magic! Now if you want something that’ll get the entire dinner table high, we have the perfect thing for you… THC infused butter!! We have a 1000 mg container of butter from Heavenly Sweet that is perfect for making a butter roasted turkey! A THC turkey, I’d never thought I’d see the day.

Herb – Not Just For Turkey Seasoning

Now onto the good old herb. If you and your friends and family like to watch or play football on Thanksgiving, Mankind has the best joints to pass around the huddle. Infused Baby Jeeters are an amazing option because they are short little baby joints dusted in kief that are perfect to smoke during timeouts or halftime. They come in packs of 5 so you have one for every quarter and one extra just in case there’s some overtime.

If you’re watching the game sit back and relax with a Mimosa. Not the drink! Mankind has a flower option with the same name! Mimosa from KNBIS is a great selection. A winner of multiple Cannabis Cups, Mimosa is a new Sativa that has gained a lot of attention in the past year. Mimosa is born of Purple Punch and Clementine, which makes for a very unique flavor profile – strong citrus with hints of Hawaiian punch. Quickly becoming a favorite for many fans across the country, this strain has an uplifting, clear headed effect, often inducing a sense of focus perfect for watching a game. 

Vape – The Discreet Treat

If you’re trying to get high discreetly during the Thanksgiving party then vape cartridges are the way to go! Raw Garden and Outco are two favorites here at Mankind and for good reason. All of their stains have great flavor and equally as great effects. Sneak outside the back door and take a couple puffs of a Raw Garden or Outco cartridge and you’ll almost instantly be taken to a place of thankfulness to whoever made these lovely pens. 

Extract Salads

If you’re looking for a terpy appetizer this Thanksgiving, Mankind has a smorgasbord of tasty concentrates to choose from. Anything from Apex Extractions will fill your lungs with flavorful vapor. If you want something for right before the big meal that will last you for the entire meal, Blue Dream from Apex Extractions should be the one you grab. Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant Hybrid that gives you the best from both the Indica and Sativa side. You’ll be so happy and yet so relaxed as you chow down on everything Thanksgiving has to offer. If you want some true flavor from your concentrates, scoop up some 710 labs anytime you see it at Mankind. Their rosin is some of the most  flavorful and potent concentrates on the market. We must give thanks to all extraction companies but give a little extra to 710 Labs.

In conclusion, Mankind has the stuff that will make you feel extra thankful for a day filled with food and football. Sometimes all you need is a little weed to make you feel grateful. There really are so many options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of them. If you have any of the products I mentioned then you’re for sure turning Thanksgiving into a Danksgiving! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

The Importance Of Cannabis Genetics

marijuana genetics
Indoor Cannabis Grow

When growing cannabis, a strain’s genetics are arguably one of the most important factors in deciding whether or not you’ll end up with some Grade-A chronic or some mids that you couldn’t pay anyone to smoke. Equally important when smoking, understanding genetics helps you better decide which strain will produce the affects you are looking for. There still remains pure heirloom strains which have survived for decades for sure. Most strains we know now have been strategically hybridized to create new variety and improve past strains with their most desirable traits. What are the basics of genetics, and why are they important to growing and smoking?

Genetic Manipulation How and Why

For growing, genetics will greatly contribute to determining a plant’s size, color, vigor, resistance to pests and mold, smell, taste, yield, and overall cannabinoid and terpene production. These qualities all vary from strain to strain based on its genotype, or genetic code which provides the framework for a strain’s attributes. This code is then expressed through a strain’s phenotype, or physical manifestation of a strains genotype (paired with contributing environmental factors). Like siblings who share DNA, different phenotypes are similar yet vary in how they are expressed. As a hypothetical example, pheno 1 may produce a shorter growing plant with the citrus smells from the mother plant, while pheno 2 may taste earthier, with heavy sedative affects from the father.

As the number of cultivators has increased, so too has strain hybridization. Strains that are unique and high yielding in cannabinoid content, terpene, and over all quantity production are the holy grail for growers. Hybridization helps accomplish this by creating new strains that potentially have the best traits of both parent strains. Growers embark on what’s known as a “phenotype hunt”. This is a large induction of hundreds to thousands of seeds in a search for a new perfect combination of traits from both parents. These traits include growing habits which can make filling a large room a headache. This is due to sporadic growth patterns or a walk in the park due to a strain’s uniformity. Single strains can be bred back into themselves to create more stable and predictable traits.

female marijuana users san diego

Consumption Junction Whats The Function?

From a smoking perspective, knowing the genetics of what you’re consuming helps you predict what you will feel and the potential quality of that flower. Genetic consistencies are displayed through strain names that help signify what type of affects you are going to feel. Jack Herer is a popular euphoric and soaring sativa that is crossed with many other strains. Thus, when you see Jack the Ripper or Candy Jack, you can expect similar effects to its notorious parent strain.

The tricky part is memorizing all of the cannabis strain trigger words. Haze, purple, blue, OG, kush, dream, jack, lemon, cookies, etc. These are all common prefixes and suffixes in strain names. Researching what these words genetic lineages are will help you better decipher what strain to pick up off the flower wall at Mankind.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowing which strain to grow and smoke can be a daunting task if you are new to cannabis. Even veterans of the industry are exposed to newly developed genetics, phenotypes and cannabis experiences every day. Taking the time to speak with a knowledgeable Mankind Dispensary consultant will help provide insight on strains you love and even help you find new favorite cannabis genetics in San Diego. Stop by today to find out which genetics are right for you!

About the author: Zac is a cannabis devotee and one of our lead cannabis consultants at Mankind Dispensary. He is San Diego county born and raised (Carlsbad) and has been a professional in the cannabis industry for 8 years. You can find him on instagram at .

Cannabis Infused BBQ Sauce

marijuana edible delivery
Cannabis Infused BBQ Sauce

Bring On the Que

Summer time is the right time for some outdoor grilling with friends. That means good food and a healthy dose of some homemade BBQ sauce. Sounds pretty good right? Let’s do it one better.

We scoured the internet to find you this amazing recipe from Wikileaf lifestyle writer Jen Keehn. Behold, the cannabis infused BBQ sauce to make your grill a little hotter, and a whole lot cooler.

Cannabis Infused Sauce

This recipe can be used on anything from burgers to chicken and, for the vegetarians out there, even on your veggie burgers or vegetables! It’s easy to make, tastes great, and will give your food, and friends, a nice happy addition to the day.


  • 1/3-ounce cannabis, coarsely ground
  • 2 cups ketchup
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 5 tablespoons light brown sugar
  • 5 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • ½ tablespoon fresh ground black pepper
  • ½ tablespoon onion powder
  • ½ tablespoon ground mustard
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1-2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

Make The Magic!

Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan. Bring mixture to just a boil and reduce heat to a low simmer. Let simmer for 1 hour, stirring frequently. Remove from heat and allow to cool. You can use immediately or store in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container.

That’s it, all there is to it. Whether you add a little sativa to your sauce for an extra pick me up, or indica to help give that food coma a nice mellow addition is up to you. Do you have a favorite flower? Toss it in! Try something with a citrus taste, like some Humboldt County Indoor Citrus Twist (a nice sativa), to go along with a more Hispanic style fiesta.

Or throw in a little Strawberry Bliss from Wonderbrett (solid hybrid) into the mix if you are having a fruit filled feast. Not sure which strains are the right ones for you? Talk to one of our Budtenders at Mankind for a little guidance and some great suggestions.

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