Select Cartridges Elite LA Confidential


The taste, quality, and packaging are top notch and the effects are exactly as listed. Thinking about picking one up for yourself? Here’s what you need to know: What’s in and on the box?

  • 0.5 gram extracted cannabis oil in a pre-filled vape cartridge with a cotton wick
    Lab testing information from SC Labs: 84.87% THC and <0.01% CBD
    Sticker label for cartridge
  • Directions clearly printed on the package, (Each 6-second draw is one serving and contains 2.82mg THC), along with a strain name, estimated time for activation (15 minutes), flavor profile (earthy and sweet), and anticipated effects (relaxed and happy)
  • Vaporizing is one of the healthiest ways to medicate and we are absolutely wild about these Select Cartridges
  • First Impressions: I love everything about the packaging for this cartridge. This packaging should become an industry standard–and ultimately will when the Prop 64 regulations take effect in 2018. One thing I almost missed (but didn’t, thanks to Select Oil’s Instagram) is that each package comes with a sticker label for the cartridge, so if you have more than one–and trust us, you’re going to want more than one–you can tell them apart! This kind of attention to detail is a welcome relief for folks who are used to playing roulette with their unlabeled cartridges. As directed, I took three quick puffs to prime the cartridge, then a six second draw. The flavor is distinctly sweet and piney, with some earthiness on the finish, just as the package claims.
Effects: LA Confidential is one of my favorite strains, so I was extra excited to try this. I was expecting it to be more sleepy, but I found myself clear but deeply relaxed with significantly less stress than when I started. The happy feelings settled in after about fifteen minutes. The pine flavor suggests the presence of pinene, a terpene that makes plants smell like pine and helps with alertness and focus. I took three 6-second puffs and felt fantastic. The effects lasted about 45 minutes, which is longer than usual for me because I have a high tolerance. I suspect those with a lower tolerance than mine may find the effects linger even longer.

Overall: I am thoroughly impressed with Select Oil. The taste and effects are exactly as promised, the oil is lab tested with the results printed on the box, and the packaging is thoughtful and pragmatic. The label sticker was an inspired touch. I was told by reps from the company that these cartridges pair best with direct inhale batteries, rather than push-button batteries, because too high a temp will burn the oil.

Flow Kana Pink Goddess (Flower)

As you know, we have an extensive selection of flower at Mankind. We carry Flow Kana flower and pre-rolls, and thought you might enjoy a spotlight on one of our favorite Flow Kana strains, Pink Goddess!

What’s in the bag:

  • 3.5 grams Flow Kana flower: Pink Goddess

  • Cannabinoid content: 19.98% THC, 0.06% CBD, 0.01% CBN, 5% THCV

First Impressions: The bud is dense, well groomed, and appears to be optimally cured. The scent of the intact flower is unmistakably fruity and sweet. There is a faint but very pleasant floral odor that intensifies as the bud is broken up. Once ground or torn notes of lemon and mint can also be detected easily. Broken open the bud appears to have a healthy and uniform distribution of trichomes throughout; always a lovely confirmation that the grower is experienced. 

Smoked in a glass pipe and lit with a lighter: Flavor on green is a surprise but not at all an unpleasant one. Given the fruity, citrus and floral aroma of the bud, one could righteously expect the first hit to taste like a fork-full of fruit salad. However, despite giving off a powerfully bright myriad of scents the first puff of this bud fills the mouth with a rich, nutty smoke that is also slightly sweet. A quick French-inhale reveals that the minty and fruity notes have converted to a subtle but earthy spice that compliments the taste and feel of the smoke. 

Vaped in a VapeXhale at 320 degrees Fahrenheit: Vaporizing allows the consumer to appreciate the more subtle nuances of the terpenes, and I noticed the fruit and the citrus were very present on the inhale and the floral still slips to spice, but without the earthy, nutty notes as when the flower is smoked.

Effects: Immediately noticeable is the typical dropping of the shoulders and deepening of breath. This is followed by a familiar and friendly warmth in the eyes and cranium and a general relaxing on a cerebral level. Within 20 minutes the high evolves somewhat into a more classic “stoney” feeling but retains a graceful amount of lucidity which allows greater enjoyment of the experience.

Overall: This Flow Kana flower, with 5% THCV, doesn’t cause munchies at all. I appreciate this aspect, since it’s important for me to be able to mindfully consume in all aspects of my life, whether food or cannabis. I love that the effects are so upbeat while still relaxing. This is a great strain to use when entertaining friends in the evening or playing games on a rainy Saturday. I’d stick to Uno and Cards Against Humanity than more complicated games like Risk though.

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